Big Back-to-School Savings on Kids Cowboy Boots

hotpink kids cowboy bootsParents, here we are again: school shopping season. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just buy something like a suit of armor for my son and be done with it. A suit of armor would be ultra-durable, and when he grows a few inches, we can just add an extra piece of metal here or there to make the suit bigger.

Suit of armor is dirty? A damp cloth will take care of that.

Wore a hole in the knee? (Yep, leave it to my kid to put a hole through a piece of metal.) Just replace that chunk of knee metal. Good as new.

Unfortunately, a suit of armor is probably not considered fashion-forward at my son’s school. Until that day comes, parents want highly durable clothes and footwear for our kids. We want stuff that will last at least until it’s outgrown by one child, preferably more. This is one thing that makes kids cowboy boots spectactular – they are definitely built to last.

Rocky Top Leather stocks high-quality, stylish kids cowboy boots for children of all sizes and sensibilities. From newborns to big kids, we have great boots for your entire brood. For your girly girls we have super cute pink and white cowgirl boots; embroidered hearts, stars, and wings; fringe and tassles. For your rough-and-tumble girls and your little boys, we have lots of other options for colors and styles of kids cowboy boots. With brands like Roper, John Deere, and Twisted X, you will have no problem outfitting each child with just the right pair of kids cowboy boots for their personality and style.

Perhaps the best part of Rocky Top Leather’s selection of kids cowboy boots is our unbeatable prices. We consistently set our prices well below suggested retail. Plus, when you pay with PayPal, you could avoid payments and interest for six months. And with our $9.95 flat rate shipping, your kids cowboy boots can arrive at your door, for much less expense than you might expect.

Get a super-easy jump start on your school shopping – check out our entire selection of kids cowboy boots by clicking here.

5 Steps to Properly Maintain Your Cowboy Boots

Corral cowboy boots rhinestone cross wingYour trusty leather cowboy boots serve you well. Whether your days involve working, running errands, chasing kids, showing horses, or all of the above, your cowboy boots carry you through in comfort and style. They ask very little in return, but eventually, neglect will make your boots look haggard. Think about it – leather is skin, and it needs to be cleaned and conditioned regularly, just like the skin on your face. Below are five easy steps to keeping your cowboy boots looking good for many more years to come.

  1. Clean your cowboy boots with leather cleaner and a damp cloth after you wear them. Just getting the dust of the day off your boots will do a lot of good for them.
  2. Occasionally condition your boots with the appropriate product for their specific material type. Suede, finished leather, and exotic materials all have different conditioner requirements. Only condition your boots when they start losing their luster.
  3. Apply a water and stain protectant after conditioning your boots. This will prevent damage to the leather and keep them looking good.
  4. Always allow wet cowboy boots to air-dry naturally. Never dry your boots with a heat source, such as a blow dryer or a heat vent. This can cause serious damage to the leather.
  5. Store your boots in a way that keeps them from folding over and developing unsightly creases. A boot tree works great for this purpose, or you can just stuff some paper in them to keep them upright.

Rocky Top Leather carries several high-quality leather care products that will help you clean and maintain your cowboy boots. One of our favorite leather care products is the Auburn Leather Complete 3 Step Leather Care System. This complete leather care package includes leather cleaner, weatherproofer/conditioner, and color restorer that will help you cowboy boots look like new for a long time to come. Check out this Auburn leather care bundle and our other leather care products by clicking here.

It’s True – Cowboy Hats Can Help You Avoid Skin Cancer!

cowboy hatSince July is UV Safety Month, you know we have to take a moment to talk about cowboy hats. Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in America? The good news is that skin cancer is preventable!

Everyone likes to spend lots of time outside during the summer. The warm weather and sunshine draw us outside for barbecues, festivals, picnics, days at the beach, and so many more fun activities. Having fun and celebrating with those we love is important, but all of that time outside can end up costing your skin its health. But if you follow a few basic sun safety guidelines, including wearing a cowboy hat, you can save your skin from premature wrinkles, splotching, and cancer.

  1. Stay in the shade as much as you can. For instance, choose a picnic table at the park that’s under a big, shady tree. Even carrying an umbrella to the beach can be a big help.
  2. Apply sunscreen at least every two hours. Be sure to use sunscreen with at least SPF (sun protection factor) 15. The more time you spend in the sun, the higher SPF you need. If you go swimming, be sure to re-apply sunscreen after you towel off.
  3. Wear sunglasses with UV protection. Yes, sun exposure can also damage your eyes. It causes cataracts and can lead to blindness!
  4. If you can plan ahead, check the UV index at If the UV index is at 6 or above, consider switching your plans to an indoor activity, or move your event to another day to reduce your UV exposure.
  5. Put on a cowboy hat with a nice, wide brim. It will offer more sun protection than a baseball cap, and can help avoid getting a “raccoon eyes” tan line on your face from your sunglasses. A cowboy hat will prevent sunburns on your scalp and ears – two places most people don’t apply sunscreen.

Rocky Top Leather carries just about any kind of cowboy hat you could think of. Our favorite cowboy hats for wearing in the summer are made of straw. They offer great sun protection, and their light material makes them breathable and cool to wear in the summer heat. We even carry crushable straw cowboy hats, which are great if you are traveling or need to stuff your hat into a beach bag. You can check out all of Rocky Top Leather’s cowboy hats by clicking here.

Why Your Wedding Party Should Wear Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots weddingYour wedding is not just about sealing the deal with your partner in front of friends, family, and the Lord. All of the choices you make in the planning of your wedding represent who you are as a person: you choose your favorite colors, flowers, and food to share with everyone in attendance. You select a beautiful wedding dress that you fall in love with. Your wedding party is composed of ladies who mean the world to you. Maybe you even write your own vows – thoughts and feelings about your partner that come straight from the heart.

So if cowboy boots represent who you are and what you like, why not get married in them? It may seem un-traditional, and you may receive some flack for it, but you should be true to yourself when planning your wedding.

Cowboy boots come in all sorts of styles with any kind or color of embellishments you can think of. Coordinating your wedding party’s cowboy boots with the colors and style of your wedding will definitely not be a problem.

Having your wedding party wear cowboy boots will also help make your wedding memorable for all of your guests. It’s a unique detail that your friends and family will fondly chat about for years to come. Plus, think of all the great wedding photo opportunities!

You know how comfortable cowboy boots are. Your wedding day will likely be long and busy, and wearing some super comfortable cowboy boots will help keep you going throughout all of the running, walking, and dancing during your special day.

For some inspiration, check out the following styles of women’s cowboy boots available from Rocky Top Leather:

Rocky Top Leather hopes to help outfit your wedding party with some fantastic cowboy boots. Complete our contact form for additional information about any of our cowboy boots, or other products or services.

Motorcycle Gear Makes Summer Road Trips Better

motorcycle gearAh, summertime – a long-awaited opportunity for a road trip. Imagine twisting your way through the Appalachian Mountains, headed nowhere in particular with the sun at your back and the wind as your guide. As you are admiring the rolling mountains and lush forests surrounding you, appreciating these few hours away from the responsibilities of every day life…you get a flat tire.

This situation will be much easier to deal with if you have tools and gear with you, right? All that stuff would be much easier to take with you if you had the appropriate motorcycle gear installed on your bike. Saddlebags or luggage can make a flat tire into a much smaller deal. A tool kit, an extra tube, a change of clothes, and a first aid kit can all be easily stored in the right bags. You might even have a little room left over for trinkets you pick up along the way. Here are our favorite pieces of motorcycle gear that are sure to make your summer road trips a lot easier.

The Leather Motorcycle Touring Bag is a great option for guys with a sissy bar on the back. This backpack-style, two-piece leather bag system takes advantage of the empty space behind the sissy bar. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you can simply lift the bag off and throw it over your shoulder. This bag also comes with a rain cover just in case you find inclement weather on the road. The simple but rugged black leather will compliment any bike, and with a $99 price tag, you will get your money’s worth out of this piece of motorcycle gear for many road trips to come.

If you prefer the look of saddlebags, then check out our durable and versatile Large Slant Throw-Over Saddlebags. These bags fit a wide range of bikes, and you can just throw them over your seat or fender and take off. They are also waterproof and lined lined to help them retain their shape. The clean, black material with twin silver buckles will make these bags the right accent motorycle gear pieces for just about any bike.

Rocky Top Leather carries a wide range of motorcycle gear, from saddlebags and luggage, to chaps and helmets. Whatever you need for your summertime road trip, we know we can get you geared up at a lower cost than our competition. You can check out our entire selection of motorcycle gear anytime on our website.

2014 CMT Music Awards Prove to be Delightful

CMT music awardsNashville was home for the CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena this Wednesday, June 4. Kristen Bell served as host while acts like Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, The Zac Brown Band, Lady Antebellum, and so many more kept the party rolling.

Since every country music awards show is required to host some crossover artists, it should be no surprise that this CMT Music Awards show started off with a crossover mashup. Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan were joined by rockers ZZ Top and hip-hop artist Jason Derulo in a disjointed performance of some of their biggest hits. However, the segment was salvaged by the group dance during their performance of Derulo’s hit “Talk Dirty.” Derulo told People Magazine that he was floored by the FGL guys, who were really into the dance portion and were dying to give it everything they had. They sure did!

Crooner John Legend performed at the CMT Music Awards for the very first time this year. He performed his hit ballad “All of Me” with the help of Jennifer Nettles and Hunter Hayes. Being backed by minimal instrumentation truly highlighted Legend and Nettles’ powerful voices. Many have commented that this was the most moving performance of the evening. We agree, and we hope to see more collaborations between these talented artists.

The reigning first couple of country music, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, took home the awards for Male and Female Video of the Year. Maybe they can use the matching awards as bookends!

Who says women can’t do comedy? Kristen Bell hosted the show solo and kept the belly laughs coming all night long. She kicked off the show by singing a song about moose knuckle (look it up), followed by an intentionally awkward impersonation of Alan Jackson and a spoof of the Jay-Z/Solange Knowles elevator brawl. This funny lady requires no co-host.

The 2014 CMT Music Awards was funny, fashion-forward, and decked out with fantastic musical performances. We hope Kristen Bell returns to host next year, and we look forward to enjoying another year of incredible country music.

The Best Star-Spangled Womens Cowboy Boots for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend means a lot of things to many Americans. The history of Memorial Day is unclear, but it did begin as a day of remembrance for soldiers who died during the Civil War. After World War I, it was expanded to honor all soldiers who gave their lives in all American wars. In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday and established its spot on the calendar as the last Monday in May.

At this time of year, many Americans are also celebrating the end of the school year, high school and college graduations, and the arrival of summertime weather. For this Memorial Day weekend, we have chosen to highlight two of our favorite star-spangled womens cowboy boots styles.

twisted x brown barn burner womens cowboy bootTwisted X Brown Barn Burner Womens Cowboy Boots
Twisted X has invested a lot of time and money into developing new techniques for manufacturing, tanning, and construction of the best womens cowboy boots available. These technical advances produce durable, stable, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable cowboy boots. The Brown Barn Burner womens cowboy boots feature a 11″ brown pebble shaft and foot and their signature cowboy comfort insole. The machine washable, antibacterial, moisture wicking footbed is a unique feature that will keep these womens cowboy boots from getting that funky smell and slimy feeling underfoot. The embroidered blue stars and flames are just the right amount of color and pop on these comfortable but durable womens cowboy boots. The short heel makes them comfortable around the clock, no matter how much walking or working you do.

lucchese black buffalo calf vintage collection womens cowboy bootLucchese Black Buffalo Calf Vintage Collection Womens Cowboy Boots
For a dressier look, check out the Black Buffalo Calf womens cowboy boots from Luchhese’s vintage collection. With a 9″ shaft, slight heel, classic pointed toe, and black and tan leather accented with white stars and flames, these boots make a bold but classy statement. With more than 130 years of history in the boot-making business, Lucchese designers and craftsmen know how to make a nice womens cowboy boot. These boots are a great choice for everyday wear, or to kick your out-on-the-town outfit up a notch. For maximum comfort, style, and wow factor, Lucchese womens cowboy boots are an excellent choice.

You can’t find better prices on womens cowboy boots than you’ll find with Rocky Top Leather. We are always cutting prices and offering deals on shipping, accessories, and more. A full line of leather care products is also available on our website. Shop now, and your entire purchase will ship right to your door.

Three Western Wear Picks to Brighten Your Spring Wardrobe

May is National Barbecue Month, and what a month it’s been! We hope that you have begun taking advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a cookout or two with good friends and family. May is also a great time of the year to spruce up your wardrobe with some updated western wear pieces. Below are our three favorite new western wear items to add to your closet this spring.

Gypsy Soule sandalGypsy Soule Foolsgold Sandals
Yes, warm weather has finally arrived, which means it’s time for a great pedicure and some cool new sandals! These Gypsy Soule sandals are made with a cognac alligator strap, which is encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystals - 48 Hollywood stones, to be precise. Bronze engraved studs also accent the strap, and your feet will be ultra comfortable all day long thanks to the cushioned footbed and durable rubber outsole. Whether you are chasing kids around the backyard or running around town, these western wear sandals will grab attention, start conversations, and keep your feet comfortable and cool all day.

corral bootSierra Tan Harness & Studs Corral Boots
These babies are western wear for women who have attitude. The beautiful Sierra Tan leather has the worn look that gives these boots unique character. Add that with the harness and studs, and you have a pair of ankle boots that are tall on personality. Their short shaft makes them perfect for summer because your legs will be better ventilated during those hot summer days. These boots would look great with a pair of jean shorts and a tank top. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them during the winter, too. These Corral boots would look equally stunning with your favorite pair of jeans and a sweater.

shady brady hatCrushable & Vented Shady Brady Straw Hat
Have you ever bought a hat at a hardware store? You know the ones – most hardware stores have a small display of brimmed hats near the gardening section. If your answer is yes, you know that the material those hats are made with breaks down inside a year or two. But when you buy a Shady Brady crushable hat, you won’t have to worry about replacing your hat again next summer. These incredible hats are made from a totally unbreakable straw – and we mean unbreakable. Go ahead and stuff this hat into your suitcase, and when you arrive at your destination you can reshape it, put it on, and off you go.

You can take a closer look at these three awesome items, as well as all the other great western wear items Rocky Top Leather has to offer, on our website. Our special deals and coupons can also be found on our home page – so check out all the ways Rocky Top Leather can help you spruce up your spring wardrobe!

Easy Mother’s Day Shopping at Rocky Top Leather

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and if you want to go above and beyond the typical flowers and chocolate this year, we are here to help. To streamline your Mother’s Day shopping experience, we have polled our moms and wives to see what are their favorite products available from Rocky Top Leather. With no further ado, here are our moms’ and wives’ top three picks for this Mother’s Day.

American West Zip Top ToteAmerican West makes a truly beautiful, high quality handbags that are perfect for all of the important ladies in your life. This one is the American West Prairie Rose Carry All Zip Top Tote with Side Open Pockets. It’s made using hand-tooled, vegetable-tanned brown leather with cream leather accents, with a brown chrome leather body and brown and white printed cowhide. Antiqued silver spots and a intricate silver scroll buckle accent the bag’s rich, soft leather. Each American West handbag features a silver signature keepsake and includes a protective storage bag. This handbag would pair with your mom’s favorite cowboy boots, and is perfect for everyday use.

American West LuggageAmerican West also creates incredible pieces of luggage, which are perfect for the mom who is on the go. This one is the American West Retro Romance Zip Around Rodeo Bag with Front Pouch & Side Zipper Pockets. Like all American West bags, it is hand made using soft leather and is decorated with antiqued silver embellishments. Plus, it includes an adjustable and removable shoulder strap so Mom can carry it by hand or sling it over her shoulder. And, did we mention that every American West bag is backed by the American West Lifetime Guarantee? If the product fails due to a manufacturing defect in snaps, zipper slides, stitching, or hardware, American West will repair the item if possible, and if not, they will replace or exchange the item.

Straw Hat SunsetIf these leather bags are not catching your eye, check out our selection of straw hats. This one is the Sunset model by Bullhide. It’s made of natural raffia for sun protection and excellent ventilation. The leather band features a large flower embellishment for a ladylike touch. This feminine straw hat is the perfect summertime hat for any of the special women in your life.

We hope you allow Rocky Top Leather to assist you with your Mother’s Day shopping. We have lots of other products in stock that your mom or wife is sure to love. From handbags to hats, cowboy boots to motorcycle gear, we have your Mother’s Day needs covered.

Invest In the Best Motorcycle Vest for Less

motorcycle vestDuring the summer months, motorcycle vests are a fantastic alternative to motorcycle jackets. While they offer a good amount of protection, they are more breathable to help you stay cool and comfortable on warm days. Each vest has its own features that appeal to different riders. To help you decide what kind of motorcycle vest will suit you best, here are four fantastic vests that Rocky Top Leather has listed for under a hundred bucks.

Men’s Distressed 10 Pocket Motorcycle Vest
This classic leather motorcycle vest is made of premium cowhide leather and features two front zipper pockets and six inside pockets for extra storage. This vest also has built-in concealed weapon and ammo pockets on each side.

Soft Naked Touch Brown Cowhide Motorcycle Vest
This ultra-soft leather motorcycle vest has dual three-pocket, canvas-lined patches inside and four front pockets, for ten pockets total which gives you plenty of storage space on this vest. This vest also features lace-up sides for flexibility, ventilation, and comfort, plus it gives the vest that classic MC look. With a heavy-duty four-snap front closure and utility zippers on the pockets, you and your belongings will definitely be secure in this vest. All metal components are non-rusting and non-corroding. The lighter leather material makes this vest ideal for hot weather riding.

First Racing Military Spec Reflective Motorcycle Vest
This is the vest for the guy who puts safety first. The durable, bright orange fabric will make you highly visible to other drivers during the day; front and back reflective tape provides additional visibility at night. This vest keeps storage simple with one back, one front, and one inside pocket. Side lacing gives you adjustable comfort for just the right fit. For comfort, convenience, and safety, you probably can’t beat this motorcycle vest.

Men’s Denim Motorcycle Vest
If leather or bright orange aren’t really your style, check out this classic denim motorcycle vest. You will have four front pockets and a button-up closure, and the denim fabric is perfect for affixing patches. Denim is a bit more breathable than leather, which makes this vest a good choice for summertime riding.

For a limited time, Rocky Top Leather is offering super deals on motorcycle vests. Check out our full selection by clicking here, and don’t forget to enter coupon code “VEST1″ when you check out. This coupon will also give you free shipping when you spend $75 or more. But this sale won’t last long, so don’t delay!

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