3 Justin Boots You Just Need to Get this Spring

Every cowgirl deserves a great pair of boots. And not just any boots – boots that show your spunk and personality! If you’ve been looking for some awesome ideas on what boots to buy this season – you’re in luck.

Here are 3 awesome Justin Boots for you to fall in love with this spring:

1. Justin Gypsy Pink Aged Bark Camo Boot

Now that spring has come, inject a little color into your style. Spring is the season for trees to be green and flowers to be in bloom. And isn’t this pair just perfect for such a season? The pink camo detail just makes this pair of Justin boots to die for! So, if you’re looking for something with personality – these boots are for you!

2. Justin Gypsy Classic Camo Boot

These Justin Gypsy Classic Camo Boots belong in your wardrobe. Period. See those details? The intricate pull up strap, the deep V cut and those magnificent shades of green and beige! Surely, you’ll be strutting the streets with pride in these boots! This pair is just kick-ass. And what’s even better… Until the very last stitch – you can be guaranteed these boots are of highest quality.

3. Justin Gypsy Classic Brown/Pink Aged Boot

Looking for a classic? These Justin Gypsy Classic Brown/Pink Aged Boots are just that, but with a twist. Or a touch of pink. These boots are 8-inches tall, a great choice for spring boots. And the beautiful pink stitches against that beautiful aged bark color is just stunning.

Cowboy Boots for the Country Rockin’ Ladies

“I love rock and roll. So put another cent in the jukebox baby…”

Cowboy boots are fun. They just give that crazy sense of confidence and you just want to strut your boots all over town. Especially when you’ve got a pair of country rocking boots. If you’re looking for a pair of totally kick-ass cowboy boots, here are some Corral boots you should consider getting:

Womens Brown/Black Wing & Cross Sequence Corral Boots

Honey, if you don’t appreciate these boots – I don’t know what will. These boots are absolute perfection!

Just take a look at those details! Imagine yourself wearing this pair, along with black skinny jeans and a racy

top. Add in bright red lipstick and the boys will be drooling!

Womens Corral Brown Cheetah Print Short Cowgirl Boots

Are these gorgeous or what?! The leopard pattern is just drop-dead gorgeous! (drooling…) Surely these boots will boost your confidence through the roof! And the best thing about these boots is its versatility! Pair these boots with a short dress or plain jeans and you’re dressed to kill.

Womens Ocean Blue Cut Out Cross Python Corral Boots

Remember those good looking wing and cross boots we were just talking about? Well, these are just them – only square toe! The distressed brown leather and sequin accents just set these boots apart from all the rest. And the cut-out design is just brilliant. It’s not something you’d see featured on majority of the cowboy boots available today. So, if you want to stand out from the rest – these boots are for you.

Check out other designs on Corral Boots available at Rocky Top Leather here.

Motorcycle Vests – Spring Fashion Must Have

Motorcycle vests are cool.

And they’re even cooler when you’ll rock a motorcycle vest with your usual look this spring season. If you need a little inspiration to get your fashion juices flowing, here are some of the hottest motorcycle vests available this spring:

Mens Black Denim Motorcycle Vest

This simple black denim motorcycle vest is practical and totally fashionable. It’ll go well with denim or leather jeans. And it’ll suit just about any shirt you have in your wardrobe. Plus, you can always elevate the coolness by adding some kick-ass patches or embroidery to this classic denim vest.

Men’s Basic Leather Motorcycle Vest with Buffalo Nickel Snaps

Looking for something a little more fashionable? If yes, this leather motorcycle vest with buffalo nickel snaps ought to suit you well. The gorgeous look of this vest and the smooth feel of leather will raise your spirits every time you put this on. And you can never go wrong with leather. This’ll go well with your casual flannel shirts and denim jeans. Heck, it’ll even look good in your most worn-in pair of jeans and a simple white tee! It’s that amazing. And did I mention that it also has dual-sided front coin pockets and a concealed weapon and ammo pocket? Totally kick-ass.

First Classic Adjustable Motorcycle Vest

This adjustable motorcycle vest is great for a more modern country twist. The adjustable sidebands make sure that this vest will fit you like a glove. And the creative front pockets will guarantee that you’ll never look too bulky when wearing this vest.

Need more inspiration?

Check out these other Motorcycle Vests at Rocky Top Leather.

Look Who Crashed Rita Wilson’s “Girls Night In”

Because girls just wanna have fun! Rita Wilson, 58, proves that there’s nothing better than having a girl’s night in with your best girlfriends. “Girls Night In” is a fun, country-influenced song singing about the importance of having fun with good friends. In the music video, you’ll see Rita Wilson singing her heart out as she dons on a chic leather jacket and prepares for a house party. Starring in the music video are Rita’s real-life girlfriends, such as Sara Bareilles who plays the guitar and clinks glasses with their other friends. In a recent interview, Rita said that she wanted the song to be a fun song to play when you’re spending time with your friends. “I wanted the song to convey that feeling of total fun you have when you are with your girlfriends,” says Rita. And my did Tom Hanks witness that feeling of total fun when he came home at the end of the music video, only to find Rita and her friends jumping up and down and having the best time of their lives. The Oscar winner looked like he was in shock. So, he just put on back his hat and slipped out unnoticed.

See the video for yourself here:

Doesn’t this song just make you want to give your girlfriends a call? Go ahead and plan a ladies night with your friends. And get some inspiration from these ‘Girls Night In’ inspired leather jackets:

Ladies Hourglass M/C Jacket

This gorgeous Hourglass MC Jacket has an elasticized waist so you’ll always have that hourglass figure when you put this one. It’s also made from soft milled cowhide, so it’s super comfortable to wear. And the front and back braiding just gives this jacket a touch of class and attitude – suitable for crazy nights in with your best friends.

Ladies Bronson Hybrid Jacket

The Bronson Hybrid Jacket is perfect for ladies with an edge. It has a snap down collar and hidden zippers so you can rock a clean and stylish look. And the side waist stretch panels make sure this will always be a perfect fit.

Womens Riveted Leather Jacket w/Studs

This Riveted Leather Jacket with studs was made for ladies who love fun and adventure. Just take a look at those back, side and cuff silver detailing! And that vertical pocket just gives it a stylish edge. This jacket was made from soft milled naked cowhide so you can get extra protection and warmth when with the girls at night.

Miranda Lambert Rocks Red Boots in “Little Red Wagon” Music Video

You ready for a little backyard swagger? If you are – you’d be pleased to know that Miranda Lambert just recently released her music video for “Little Red Wagon”. And it is smoking hot in all shades of red! Stepping out from her red pickup truck, Miranda is sizzling with a body hugging top, denim cut-offs and adorable red cowgirl boots. And boy are those boots gorgeous! No wonder the “jaws are dropping like ooohhhh, aaahhhhh…”

You got a pair of red boots yet? Looking for one? Here is an awesome Little Red Wagon inspired pair of red boots:

Liberty Black Vegas Long Fringe Red Cowboy Boots

The Liberty Black Vegas Long Fringe Red Cowboy Boots

Now these boots were not just made for walking – they were made for strutting! The braided details, the silver studs and those long fringes were specifically designed for beautiful, sassy cowgirls like you. And that extra pointed toe will be sure to keep away anyone who wants to ride in your little red wagon uninvited. These beauties go perfectly with denim cut offs, short skirts and even your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Add a sexy red top and you’re ready to strut around town singing:

“You can’t ride in my little red wagon. The front seat’s broken and the axel’s draggin’”

Ready to watch the video? Here you go.

Tell us what you think about the video in the comments section below.

Loved the Liberty Black Vegas Long Fringe Red Cowboy Boots?

To order your very own pair of red cowgirl boots – click here.

Cowboy Boots: How to Complete Your Autumn Season

Corral cowboy boots rhinestone cross wingThere is something about fall that gives people that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Maybe it’s the relief that comes with children going back to school, or the anticipation of enjoying hot spiced cider on cold October nights. Perhaps you just can’t wait for the excitement of Halloween, or you are amped up for Friday night football games. I know for me, the spectacle of the leaves changing colors is one of my favorite parts of autumn. After enduring several months of heat, I’m also dying to wear my sweaters again.

You know what goes great with sweaters and hot spiced cider on cold October nights? Cowboy boots. Warm, comfortable, stylish, versatile, and built-to-last cowboy boots. They are the perfect fall footwear. Paired with your favorite jeans and a great sweater, you simply can’t go wrong with cowboy boots. Rocky Top Leather carries hundreds of styles of cowboy boots to fit every style and budget. We love trusted names like Old Gringo, Corral, or Twisted X for great styles, proven durability, and long-lasting comfort.

And if you’re a fan of college football, you definitely need to check out our gameday cowboy boots. These stylish and comfortable boots will let you show your college pride every day, wherever you go. These great cowboy boots should be worn everywhere, not just at the stadium!

Let Rocky Top Leather help you stay warm, dry, and cozy this fall with a fantastic new pair of cowboy boots. Take a look at our impressive selection – we know that you will find just the right pair. We offer unbeatable prices, low flat-rate shipping, and excellent customer service should you have any questions or special requests. Browse our cowboy boots selection right away, and by the time the next football game rolls around, you could be rocking a new pair of boots with your favorite sweater!

Super End-of-Summer Deals on Corral Boots

Corral cowboy boots rhinestone cross wing

Rocky Top Leather’s deal this week is pretty darn exciting, because who doesn’t love Corral boots? How about Corral boots at a far lower price than you can find anywhere else? We take great pride in consistently offering the best deals out there on all of your favorite brands and styles of cowboy boots. You can never have enough Corral boots – so let Rocky Top Leather help you expand your selection of these awesome boots.

Corral boots are renowned for their comfort, style, and durability. They continue to be handcrafted by the best boot makers in the world, using only the highest quality materials. Their boot making processes and methods have been honed to perfection over the last century. Corral boots combine old word sensibilities with new world technology to create some of the very finest cowboy boots available anywhere.

From classic wing tips to fashionable and versatile mules for the ladies, Corral is continually innovating their styles and selection. For the guys, you can choose between classic rancher work boots or super comfortable and casual loafers, and everything in between. Their styles continue to range from the classic and understated, to the colorful and blinged-out. We know that a full wardrobe requires a variety of comfortable footwear, and so does Corral. They make just the right boots and shoes for practically any occasion.

Rocky Top Leather works hard to bring you superior deals on all the best products, including Corral boots. We also strive to provide the best customer service you can find anywhere. We encourage you to check out our entire selection of Corral boots; you will surely find just the right styles to compliment your fall wardrobe. And don’t forget to enter our special coupon code (DecCorral1) to receive an extra 10% off your purchase of Corral boots. But don’t delay – this special deal is only available for a limited time!

Jax Wouldn’t Want You to Miss Our Motorcycle Vest Sale!

Distressed 10 pocket motorcycle vest

In case you have been living in a cave, the seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy premiered this week. And boy, was this episode a doozy. It appears that the tragic events at the end of season six have put Jax Teller into an incredibly dark place. This season has started off with the Sons put into some pretty disturbing situations. Season-long speculation here has already begun: what will happen when Jax finds out what Gemma did (yes, we predict that he will find out)? What will Jax do with Juice when he finds him? Will the show end with Jax fulfilling Tara’s dream – riding off into the sunset, taking his sons away from Charming and the club?

To mark the beginning of the end of one of our favorite television shows, Rocky Top Leather invites you to shop our closeout sale on motorcycle vests. We have several styles of leather vests that need to go, so we can make room for spring stock. Our prices have been slashed, and we are even including a bonus to sweeten the deal. Rocky Top Leather will throw in a skull mask with every men’s vest sold, for a limited time while supplies last. We hope that a skull mask will make you feel a little more SOA on a chilly morning ride this fall.

Our selection of motorcycle vests are made of the highest quality leather, canvas, and denim. We are also proud to be your go-to source for all other kinds of motorcycle gear. Whether you want luggage, a helmet, chaps, gloves, boots, or a full jacket, we have hundreds of products to fulfill your needs.  We even carry some Sons of Anarchy licensed beanie hats! If you are looking for something specific, or if you have any questions about our motorcycle vests, call us at 1-877-774-9130. Our customer service team is available to help you from 10 AM to 6 PM EST.

Two Things You Must Pack for Labor Day Weekend

For many families, Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah before the kids are back to school. It’s a great time to reflect upon another summer behind us, and to look forward to cool fall weather that’s just ahead. Millions of us will hit the road for one last weekend getaway. Whether you are headed to the mountains, the beach, or just down the road, here are two things you must pack for your Labor Day weekend getaway.

Shady Brady hatLet’s start at the top: your head. You need a good hat if you’re going to spend a couple more days enjoying the sunshine. One of our very favorites is the Shady Brady Hat with Cord Hat Band. This vented hat will protect you from the sun but allow your scalp to breathe, and won’t make you sweat. This hat is super simple, which means that it’s perfect for men and women alike, and will go perfectly with literally anything you want to wear with it. And maybe best of all, it’s crushable. So if you cram it into your suitcase, you can pop it back into shape when you arrive at your destination, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

old gringo sora

And then to get to the bottom of it all, you need excellent footwear. If you’re doing any sort of walking, shopping, strolling, or sightseeing, you need comfortable and versatile shoes that will carry you anywhere. Ladies, look no further than the Old Gingo Boot Sora. Oh man, these boots are painfully cute. With an 8″ shaft of grainy, supple leather embroidered in bright and cheerful flowers, the Sora has a traditional silhouette and a nice heel. The short shaft makes them perfect for pairing with a summer dress, but they will serve you equally well in the cooler months when paired with your favorite skinny jeans.

For Labor Day weekend and every other weekend, Rocky Top Leather has the cool gear that you want. For the most fashionable cowboy hats and the trendiest cowboy boots, we take great pride in offering the best quality at the lowest prices you’ll find. This Labor Day weekend, you can browse our impressive selection and take advantage of our flat rate shipping.

Football Season Means Gameday Boots Are Back!

gameday cowboy bootsIt’s happened again – football season is upon us. With college football starting in a few days and the NFL preseason already in full swing, now is the time to snag a pair of your favorite college team’s gameday boots. Anybody can wear a school t-shirt – step up your swag game with a cool new pair of gameday boots.

From the tailgate to the stadium, you will no doubt turn heads all day long in a pair of these spectacular gameday boots. Each pair is carefully crafted from 100% genuine leather. Your school’s logo or mascot is meticulously stitched onto the shaft with complementary thread colors. Some designs put another graphic on top of the toe, and most of them also feature cool embroidered designs all over the boot. A few of these designs even have the school name embroidered onto the pull tabs at the top of the shaft. You are sure to attract attention wherever you wear your gameday boots.

We carry a great selection of gameday boots for men and women. If you have a loved one who is a die-hard college football fanatic, you will be hard pressed to find a better gift than a pair of these beauties. We even stock some designs for branches of the United States military, so whether you are a fan of the Army’s football team or you are an Army family (or maybe both), you can share your pride in a very unique way with a pair of these boots.

Check out our full selection of gameday boots, but don’t panic if you don’t find your school. All you have to do is call us and let us know what school you want, and we will get it for you. Each pair is built to provide lasting comfort and durability. We think that when you buy a pair of gameday boots, you should be proud and comfortable wearing them just about anywhere, and not just on game days. So check out our selection of men’s and women’s gameday boots; if we don’t have your school displayed on our website, just give us a call at 877-774-9130.

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