Academy of Country Music Awards Recap

Taylor Swift country music awardsLast night, the 49th Academy of Country Music Awards were handed out at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It was a star-studded affair, with the broadcast packed full of outstanding musical performances. The Band Perry kicked things off with their new single “Chainsaw.” They were followed by Florida Georgia Line, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum accompanied by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, and even more. In fact, they didn’t even start handing out awards until the second hour of the show!

In addition to the usual suspects, other attendees included chef and television personality Guy Fieri, and rapper LL Cool J, who is now considered an honorary country artist thanks to his duet with Brad Paisley, “Accidental Racist.” Another attendee of note was former Motley Crue singer and current restaurateur Vince Neil, who jammed with Justin Moore at the ACM Party for a Cause. Country label Big Machine recently announced that they will be releasing a Motley Crue tribute album with a country flavor. The list of confirmed artists includes Florida Georgia Line, Cassadee Pope, and Moore. It should be an interesting album, to say the least!

George Strait won the Entertainer of the Year award, which is handed out based on fan votes. Jason Aldean won male vocalist of the year for the second time in a row, and Miranda Lambert set a new record with five straight female vocalist of the year awards. Co-hosts Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton riffed off each other perfectly all night long, joking about everything from same-sex marriage to Britney Spears’ penchant for lip synching. It was also announced last night that the co-hosts will return next year, when the awards will be held at the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in Arlington, Texas. It will be the awards show’s 50th anniversary, so we can definitely expect another spectacular event.

While the women favored formal gowns for this event, a lot of the guys opted for suits accompanied by cowboy boots, and a few cowboy hats were spotted as well. Big awards shows like this one tend to affect the fashion sense of the entire country, so don’t be surprised to see dresses and suits like those you saw last night popping up at fashion shows and your local mall.

Our Motorcycle Apparel is Almost as Cool as Captain America’s

motorcycle apparelThis Friday, the newest installment in the Avengers franchise is released. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is sure to be a springtime smash at the box office. Word is that Captain America will pursue the Winter Soldier on a Harley Davidson Street 750, which is a smaller bike that Harley released late last year. If watching the superhero cruise around on his bike gets you in the mood for some riding yourself, Rocky Top Leather can set you up in a full complement of warm weather motorcycle apparel at a fantastic price.

As much as we would love to see guys out riding in Captain America suits, we instead recommend a good leather vest and chaps for those awesome warm weather rides. A vest will protect you from object strikes and provide some pocket space for those little essentials. If you like to carry a handgun on your rides, many of our vests also feature concealed gun pockets. And if you prefer denim over leather, we have some great denim vests for you to check out too.

If you’ve never tried chaps before, we strongly recommend you consider giving them a shot. The additional protection for your legs can save you from horrifying road rash. A lot of our chaps have zippers or snaps along the ankles so that you can take off your chaps without removing your boots. Thoughtful touch, right? We also carry full leather pants for ultimate coverage and protection from the potential hazards on the road.

Although we don’t carry Captain America suits (we know, it’s a shame), we are extremely proud of our motorcycle apparel selection. We have jackets, vests, chaps, boots, and helmets for men and women with all sorts of style preferences. We even carry saddlebags for those sweet weekend road trips we have all been waiting for through this long, cold winter. So check out Rocky Top Leather selection of motorcycle apparel. Once we get you geared up and on the road, we hope you feel as powerful and cool as Captain America.  As for the shield – you’re on your own.

Try Twisted X Moccasins This Spring

Twisted X MoccasinMoccasins are one of our favorite kinds of footwear here at Rocky Top Leather. They are super comfortable and easy to wear with so many different outfits. Any kind of shoe that you can just slip on and go is ideal. Did you know that Twisted X makes some fantastic moccasins? Here are our favorite Twisted X moccasin styles for men and women, which would make perfect footwear for springtime.

Men’s Twisted X Dusty Tan Driving Moccasin
The slip-on moccasin is the perfect grab-and-go footwear for men. These casual moccasins are constructed using the XSD insole and SD moisture-wicking footbed technology that make Twisted X footwear so famously comfortable. Top-quality leather and high-tech construction combine to create a shoe that is dressy enough for work, and comfortable enough for Saturdays with the family. You will be impressed by how cozy your feet are in these shoes, and the SD footbed will keep your feet from getting sweaty when the weather heats up.

Women’s Twisted X Dusty Tan with Pink or White Driving Moccasin
Twisted X women’s moccasins are made using the same technology as the men’s shoes, but they have a feminine flair that softens their look just enough. For the ladies, the dusty brown leather is accented by dark pink or white leather details and leather laces. These shoes are so comfortable that you might forget to switch over to your slippers when you get home. Whether you pair them with a cute skirt or your favorite pair of jeans, it doesn’t matter – your Twisted X moccasins will compliment just about any look. For comfort and casual style, you can’t beat these driving moccasins.

The best part about these Twisted X driving moccasins is that Rocky Top Leather currently has them priced at 27% off the suggested retail price. Plus, if you shop right away during our massive spring sale, you can save an additional 20% off all orders over $150. Those savings will add up fast! Start by checking out our entire selection of Twisted X casual shoes here – you are sure to find the best moccasins for maximum comfort and style.

Shady Brady Cowboy Hats Are Perfect for Spring

shady brady cowboy hatJohn Brady started making cowboy hats over 25 years ago. He has come a long way from selling straw hats out of the back of his van in northern California. Shady Brady is now one of the best-known and highly sought-after names in cowboy hats. With warmer weather arriving in most of the country, now is a great time to talk about why a Shady Brady hat would be an excellent purchase this spring.

Shady Brady makes many incredible hats, but we especially love their crushable straw cowboy hats. You can get it wet, step on it, cram it under your car seat, or even fold it up and pack it in a suitcase. Thanks to Shady’s exclusive Springback Brim™ , Shady Bradys pop back to its original shape, every time. Their raffia straw material is amazingly durable and flexible, and the loose weave pattern provides excellent ventilation in warm weather while still providing excellent protection from the sun. In fact, the Wall Street Journal rated the Shady Brady crushable cowboy hat the number one packable straw hat, and called it a ‘best buy’ for your money.

Another great thing about Shady Brady hats is their classic colors and silhouettes. Most of their embellishments are understated, and they make a style of hat that’s just right for everyone. Beaded turquoise, braided leather, or silver conchos make for a beautiful straw cowboy hat that’s appropriate to wear year-round.

All Shady Brady cowboy hats are handcrafted in the United States with only the best materials. A baked-on waterproof coating protects every Shady Brady cowboy hat. The company guarantees each of their hats for one year, which means that if your Shady Brady cracks, splits, or breaks in the first twelve months, you can get a free replacement.

Rocky Top Leather’s Shady Brady cowboy hat prices are always set well below retail. You can’t find better prices anywhere. Place your order on our easy-to-use website, and your brand new Shady Brady cowboy hat will be delivered right to your door. Check out our selection right away – we promise you will not be disappointed with your Shady Brady cowboy hat.

The Best Kids Cowboy Boots This Spring

kids cowboy bootsIs it just me, or do kids blow through new shoes at the speed of light? Since he started walking, my son has blasted holes in every pair of shoes he’s had in three months flat. And now that he’s also growing at warp speed, well, nothing lasts him very long anymore. If it works the same way for your kids, then the cowboy boots you bought for your little ones at the beginning of the school year are either too small, or worn down to the soles. If you’re ready to break down and buy a new round of shoes and cowboy boots for your kids, Rocky Top Leather has great deals for you this spring.

Boots for Boys
Our favorite cowboy boots for boys this spring are the Corona Calf Tan model. They are a nice light brown color with a cool embroidered pattern. The cushioned insole and rounded toe provide long-lasting comfort and the PVC sole means these cowboy boots were built to last…until your boy grows out of them, at least.

We also have some great golashes for boys in camouflage and horse prints. You can’t beat a good pair of rain boots for splashing in puddles or mucking about in the horse barn.

Boots for Girls
We have fantastic girls cowboy boots in all sorts of styles and colors, but our very favorite boots for the girls this spring are Roper Wing & Heart boots. A winged heart is embroidered on the front of the shaft with pink swirls surrounding it. This is a classic style cowboy boot with a small heel and a pointed toe. Your little girl will surely feel special wearing these cute boots.

Our girls’ rain boots are also cute as pie and will keep your girl’s feet dry and comfortable on rainy days. Soon the snow will be melting and the rainy season will start, so plan ahead for those muddy days to come!

As always, Rocky Top Leather’s prices on kids’ cowboy boots cannot be matched. Check out our impressive selection of cowboy boots and golashes – you will find just the right footwear to keep your kids comfortable and dry this spring.

Three Myths About Cowboy Boots

Corral Crystal Cowboy BootsMany people are reluctant to give cowboy boots a chance, for lots of reasons. Some people believe that cowboy boots will be uncomfortable to wear, or they aren’t sure how western style boots will fit with their existing wardrobe. Now is the time to resolve these misconceptions and give cowboy boots a shot. Below, we bust three common myths people believe about cowboy boots.

Only people who live in the south or out west can get away with wearing cowboy boots. Are you kidding? Tom Ford, fashion designer to the millionaires, heavily relied on cowboy boots to carry models down the runway at his autumn 2014 fashion show just last month. So drop that misconception right now! Anyone, anywhere, can feel confident and fashionable in cowboy boots. A good pair of boots can go perfectly with a pair of jeans or a cute summer dress. Fellas can sometimes even get away with wearing cowboy boots with a suit, or at least a sport jacket. Try it out – you might be surprised by their versatility.

Cowboy boot heels are made of wood, which makes them hard and uncomfortable to wear. Cowboy boot heels are usually made from man-made material or leather. Leather-soled boots have soles and heels that are made of stacked layers of leather. If you are really worried about how comfortable you will be walking around in boots with heels, then go for the roper style boot – they usually have a very low heel. Regardless of what style of boot you choose, or what the sole and heel are made of, modern cowboy boots always feature a cushioned insole for maximized comfort. Today’s cowboy boots are not just made for wearing out on the dusty trail – you will be comfortable in them at home, running errands, or out on the town.

Cowboy boots with a pointed toe will smash my toes. False again. Pointed-toe boots are made a little longer than square-toe boots so that the taper begins past where your toes should be. If you buy the right size boots, we promise that your toes will not be mangled.

If you have any other concerns about the comfort, style, or practicality of wearing cowboy boots, let us know in the comments. If you are ready to start browsing for your first pair of cowboy boots, Rocky Top Leather always carries an impressive selection of boots for men and women. Whatever color, style, material, or brand you’re looking for, you are sure to find just the right cowboy boots with us.

Four Reasons to Purchase Motorcycle Apparel

motorcycle apparelAdding motorcycle apparel to your wardrobe can lead to amazing changes in your attitude, whether you ride a motorcycle or not. However, becoming a motorcyclist, riding out on the open highway (okay, maybe just on the weekends), can also give you a whole new outlook on life. Rocky Top Leather would like to suggest four fresh reasons why you need to pick up some motorcycle apparel for your new life as a motorcyclist.

1. Riding a motorcycle is efficient. The average motorcycle gets much better gas mileage than the average car, truck, or SUV. Plus, motorcycle insurance is often surprisingly affordable. So unless you’re going to Costco or taking the soccer team to practice, a motorcycle can be an excellent mode of transportation – but you will need some good motorcycle apparel.

2. Motorcycle apparel looks cool. From functional leather vests and jackets to sexy black leather boots, putting on a few pieces of motorcycle apparel can instantly transform your appearance, shift your attitude, and boost your confidence.

3. Good motorcycle apparel will help protect you on the road. Sturdy boots will protect your feet and ankles when you are starting, stopping, and shifting. A leather motorcycle jacket will protect you from rock and bird strikes, and heaven forbid, road rash if you do lay the bike down. And regardless of laws and attitudes, there is no denying that a motorcycle helmet will protect your brain in the event of a crash.

4. Riding a motorcycle can make you feel adventurous, powerful, free, and/or sexy. Riders report a variety of sensations and experiences when they ride a motorcycle on the open road. How will riding a motorcycle make you feel? There’s only one way to find out. Throw on a leather jacket and some good-quality motorcycle boots, and give it a try.

Rocky Top Leather carries all sorts of motorcycle apparel, all at unbeatable prices. From head to toe, we can gear you up and have you safely on the road in no time. So if you are looking for something to add a little spice to your life, consider trying out a motorcycle and new motorcycle apparel from Rocky Top Leather.

Five Reasons to Consider Lucchese Cowboy Boots

Lucchese sanded chocolate shark cowboy bootsShopping for the right cowboy boots is a bit like shopping for a car. There are so many brands, styles, and colors to choose from! And when you purchase a car or a pair of cowboy boots, you plan on sticking with that purchase for years to come, so you want to pick just the right item. Rocky Top Leather suggests that if you are looking for a classic, well-crafted, long-lasting pair of cowboy boots, check out Lucchese. Here are our top five reasons why you should shop our impressive selection of Lucchese cowboy boots:

1. Lucchese cowboy boots first went into production in 1883. With 131 years of experience in the industry, the Lucchese company knows what it takes to make the very best cowboy boots on the market.

2. Did you know that all Lucchese boots are still made in  El Paso, Texas? If buying American-made products in support of American businesses is important to you, then Lucchese makes the cowboy boots for you.

3. All Lucchese cowboy boots have always been handmade by top craftsmen, using only the finest materials. Whether you are interested in calf skin, goat skin, or even shark skin cowboy boots, Lucchese makes the boots you want.

4. Rocky Top Leather carries literally hundreds of styles of Lucchese cowboy boots for men and women. From a classic silhouette to a more modern fashion, we definitely stock the Lucchese boots that suit your style.

5. With the Lucchese fan base including British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Texas Governor Rick Perry, you will be in good company when you choose Lucchese cowboy boots.

When it comes to buying stylish, high-quality cowboy boots, you have a lot of great options to consider. Lucchese is a fantastic brand that should definitely be on your short list, no matter what your boot preferences are. Rocky Top Leather carries so many styles of Lucchese cowboy boots that it is nearly impossible for anyone to not find the exact Lucchese boots that they want. Shop our Lucchese boots and see for yourself why this company has been thriving for over a hundred years.

The Perfect Cowboy Boots to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Corral Brown Turquoise Dahli Cowboy Boot

This Valentine’s Day, we hope that you are fortunate enough to spend some special time with someone you love. The holiday is arriving just as Rocky Top Leather is bringing in some great new styles of Corral women’s cowboy boots, and we are excited to share the news with you. And, just in case you are searching for the perfect pair of cowboy boots to wear on your romantic Valentine’s Day date, here they are.

The Corral brown and turquoise Dahli cowboy boots are everything you could want in a fabulous pair of boots. As always, these Corral boots are handcrafted from genuine, top-quality leather. The exquisite turquoise embroidery is hand-stitched by only the most experienced craftsmen. The bright but feminine turquoise pattern really pops against the chocolate color of the leather. The Dahli cowboy boots feature a snipped toe, a 12 inch shaft, and a two inch heel.

Corral cowboy boots are also known for their unbeatable comfort, and these beauties will not let you down. After hours of chasing the kids, running errands, doing chores, or whatever else your busy day puts you through, your feet will thank you for wearing Corral cowboy boots. So after hours of dancing on Valentine’s Day, your feet will still feel good enough for a long, romantic walk. Whether you are planning to wear a stunning dress or just jeans and a cute top for your Valentine’s Day date, the Corral Dahli cowboy boots will complement whatever outfit you choose.

On the flipside, if you don’t have a Valentine’s Day date, then we think you should wear these stunning boots for a girl’s night out on the town anyway. The Dahli cowboy boots will definitely help you attract some attention and will keep your feet comfortable through hours of fun – and who knows, maybe you’ll snag a date for next Friday!

If turquoise just isn’t your color, check out our vast selection of Corral cowboy boots styles – you are sure to find just the right boots to wear this Valentine’s Day. Plus, for a very limited time, you can save an extra $15 off our already incredible prices when you use the special Valentine’s Day coupon code found on our home page.

Ohio Man Buried On His Harley Davidson

classic leather motorcycle jacketBill Standley was a man who lived life on his own terms. He ran away from home at age 13 and traveled out west, where he learned how to ride in rodeos. Later in life, Standley was especially fond of his 1967 Harley Davidson. He is the bike’s original owner, and  when a woman crashed into the bike with her car, Standley completed all the repairs and mixed its new turquoise paint himself. He liked to tell people that the bike had everything but the kitchen sink, so he attached bathroom fixtures to the bike as finials. As one of Standley’s friends said, “he never did anything regular.”

So it likely came as no surprise to his friends and family when, nearly two decades ago, Standley decided that when his time came to meet his creator, he would like to be buried atop his beloved Harley. He began making his own burial arrangements eighteen years ago. A local company created a large Plexiglas coffin out of a repurposed septic tank, and it sat in his garage for years. He proudly showed it to visitors and told them all about his unique funeral plans. Standley bought three cemetery plots for himself, and his sons created a brace that would keep his body from sliding off the bike.

Standley passed away in late January, at the age of 82, after struggles with Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. He was entombed in his riding gear atop his treasured Harley Davidson motorcycle, next to his wife Lorna, who preceded him in death. Standley’s adventuresome life story didn’t end with his death – he chose a unique way to enter the next world, and those he left behind will tell incredible stories about his life AND his interment for many years.

When we here at Rocky Top Leather saw this news story, we knew we had to share it with our motorcycle-riding customers. Bill Standley’s undying dedication to his Harley puts new meaning to the phrase “die-hard Harley fan.” So we got to thinking – if we were going to be buried on our motorcycles, what would we like to wear on our journey to the hereafter? Hands down, it’s got to be our classic leather motorcycle jacket. This garment is what motorcycle jackets were meant to look like – the genuine black leather with silver hardware is a powerful and masculine combination. So if you are in the market for a new motorcycle jacket that will last your lifetime and beyond, check out the classic leather motorcycle jacket available at Rocky Top Leather.

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