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Motorcycle Helmets

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Motorcycle Helmet Information and Customer Testimonials

Motorcycle Helmets

A motorcycle helmet is one of the most important accessories that a rider can have. That is why you don't want to cut corners and try to save money when it comes to safety and motorcycle riding. We only carry the best names in motorcycle helmets to ensure that each and every piece of the best and safest available on the market. It's not easy finding just the right helmet for you, but you have to make sure that you get one that fits you perfectly because you don't want a lose fitting helmet that could come off if you happen to have a mishap on the road.

Whichever type of motorcycle helmet you are in the market for, we are guaranteed to have it. Whether you are looking for one that you need just for cruising on your bike, or if you're needing a helmet for street bike racing, we have everything you need. They come in a variety of sizes, from 2XS all the way to 5XL and there are also many different shapes to choose from. Everyone's head is shaped different and that is why helmet manufacturers have created different designs specifically for Asia and North America due to the wide range of head shapes the populations are known to have. Each brand also has slightly different shapes, so you want to make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for because we want you to get exactly what you need when it comes to motorcycle helmets.

You want to make sure that the interior liner of the helmet is snug and comes in contact with the head. A good way to test if you have the right size is to shake your head back and forth and the helmet should follow with your head and not move from side-to-side. Something to remember is that if you are able to remove the helmet easily without needing some effort, then the helmet is too big for you and you need to go down at least 1 size. This doesn't mean it has to be uncomfortable, though. Even if it does feel like it is too tight on you, the comfort liner in brand new helmets will always break in over time. So, after you have worn it for a while, it should form to your head and be comfortable for you to wear, even for those long rides.

With all this in mind, you do not want to feel discomfort or pressure when wearing your motorcycle helmet. If you received your helmet and experience this, we will gladly take it back and send you a size you believe may be a better fit. Helmets are not cheap, but just remember that you don't want to go the cheap route because safety is the number one priority when it comes to motorcycle riding.

We carry all the major brands that you may have heard of when it comes to motorcycle helmets. These companies include Shoei, Nolan, Scorpion, Arai, Suomy, AFX, Icon, KBC, Joe Rocket, and even HJC. There is also a variety of different styles like 3/4 helmets, full face helmets, modular helmets, and half helmets, and a lot of them are ready for communication systems. So, they won't need any major modifications to set them up.

Read some of the testimonials below to get an idea of what all of our customers think about all the different helmets we carry.

Jeff W. said:
Hi, I have got to tell you folks... I own three Scorpion Jackets ......, As well as the EXO-700 Helmet! Your Products Rock!! When I am on the bike, The comments from people who see me in this helmet always want to know where I got it from! I am proud to tell them about your company and web site. I will never Buy a helmet from another manufacturer ever again. Your EXO-700 is Awesome. Thank You for such an excellent product, I recommend you guys to every biker I meet!

Roma L. said:
"I'd like to say the Scorpion helmets are awesome! I've previously purchased a competitors helmet but have to say that Scorpion helmets are much better in quality and price than the other brand. I currently own an EXO-400, EXO-700, and now an EXO-1000. Your helmets are very comfortable and stable at high speed. Thank You for selling these great products."

Steve R. said:
I have used Arai, Shoei, HJC among others and this EXO-400 smokes em' all!!! When I used it the first time it was 35 -40 degrees out fogging and it kept me pretty warm!! It is light weight too, I have some back/neck problems and it was light enough not to aggravate my back, even after a couple hours of riding. I would definitely recommend this helmet to ANYONE looking for a new helmet. I don't usually contact any companies as to there products but this one has stood out in my mind enough that I needed to tell you how great it is!!!

Amy U. said:
Got my Scorpion EXO-100 pink DOT half helmet last week. It is so awesome!!! I have a custom painted 2008 VTX and it matches perfectly. The speed view visor is the best. I get so many complements on this helmet and it is so easy to change the visor and the liner. Thanks to Rocky Top Leather for showing me this helmet in the store. I still don't know why I hesitated in purchasing right then and there but I am glad I purchased it.

We also have a great assortment of leather motorcycle jackets and leather motorcycle chaps that are a perfect accessory to go along with your new motorcycle helmet.

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